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Part Cleaning Systems

Model 110

The model 110 is the perfect Power Spray Washer for the small shop as well as an inexpensive additional washer for the large shops.

Model 412

With a standard 5 hp. Pump, 26″ dia. turntable, and a 40″ working height this washer, the model 412 is ideal for commercial rebuilders and larger shops

Model 112

The model 112 is designed for small shops and its 3 HP pump gets jobs done quick.

Model 612

Perfect for larger shops because the 36″ dia. turntable and 42″ of working height it will handle just about any cleaning job with ease (up to 1000 lbs. of parts.)

Model 113

This washer has the same features and working size as the Model 112 but is fully insulated for efficiency and has a larger fluid capacity making this unit ideal for constant use.

Model 812

The 812 series machines are available in 6 standard sizes up to a 6 ft. dia. turntable with 60″ working height and 2000 lb capacity.

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Cabinet Part Washers

The cabinet washer design is ideal for large single components that require heavy duty cleaning. It’s also an excellent choice for batch cleaning loads as it’s capable of cleaning up to 60,000 pounds of parts per day every day. This parts washer is powerful, reliable, and long lasting.

Conveyor Part Washers

Conveyor part washers are great for cleaning parts that are being fed from another production conveyor or even right off the back of a press.  It allows an unlimited number of cleaning and drying stages to meet a high volume of parts.

Carousel Part Washers

The carousel parts washer offers the ultimate in cell-type washing systems. This type of parts washer offers the same multiple stages that are found in conveyor washers but with a much smaller footprint. The carousel parts washers are ideal for like parts that need precision cleaning and a higher production rate than what is obtainable from a batch-type washer. This unique carousel cell washer design allows for manual or robotic loading and unloading of parts. With part fixture as part of this washer design, you can achieve repeatability of cleaning accuracy and specification requirements to meet stringent customer’s cleanliness requirements. An operator can load and unload a part from the same location.

Dip Tank Washers

Dip tank washers can process your parts by using an overhead crane to manually move a load from stage to stage, automated roller platforms to move baskets of parts from stage to stage, or a PLC controlled completely automated system to control stage times and order.

Drum Washers

Drum washers  is great for a large volume of small parts, particularly those fed directly off of screw machines. A helix within a drum cylinder gentle turns each part as it advances through the various cleaning stages needed to meet the parts cleanliness specification.

Heat Treating Washers

The parts are cleaned by submersion, spray washed, rinsed, and then dried. For vacuum heat treating, it is critical to have clean parts prior to processing. If oil quenching is used, these washers can be used for a post clean process as well.

Pass Through Washers

Pass through washers offer several advantages over other washer designs. By having a vertical rising door, less work space is needed to set the washer in. You can have parts pass directly from one operation to the pass through parts washer and then on to a waiting transfer conveyor or adjoining cell. Production flow in this type of washer keeps moving forward with minimal handling of parts by an operator. 

Specialized Washers

PMW builds custom-designed aqueous parts cleaning systems.
PMW has the experience and resources to design and build a cleaning system to match your requirements precisely. Here are just a few examples of specialized systems we have built to order, including pass-thru, top-load, belt conveyor, plus many other special systems.



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