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PMW Model OHA7000 & OHA-9000
Baseless Asymmetrical Lift

PMW OHA-7000 & OHA-9000 Baseless Asymmetrical Lift

Purchasing Information--OHA-7000

Purchasing Information--OHA-9000

PMW Model OHA-7000#/9000# Baseless Asymmetrical Lift surface mounts with no floor obstruction, and allows access to inside of vehicles. Off-center loading allows installation in tight places. Single-point lock release. Available with 7,000-9,000 lb. lift capacity, 40-60 sec. ascent time, 75" working height, 5-year warranty, and a variety of adapters, pads and arm locks to suit your applications.  Quality and safety are built into each lift to meet or exceed ANSI B153.1 1990 standards.

  • Surface mounted with no floor obstruction
  • Overhead cable equalization not load bearing
  • Off-center loading to allow narrower columns where space is a problem
  • Safety locks on carrying arms at all positions

Allows access to inside of auto without damage to doors.

Easy Access to Interior


  OHA-7000# OHA-9000#
Lift Capacity 7000 lbs. 9000 lbs.
Ascent time 40 sec. 60 sec.
Power Elec./Hydr. Elec./Hydr.
Motor 230v./60 Hz
1 ph-2HP
230v./60 Hz
1 ph-2HP
Pad/Lowered Height 4 1/2" 4 1/2"
Working Height 75" 75"
Weight 1600 lbs. 1750 lbs.
Shipping Weight 1650 lbs. 1800 lbs.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

 Optional Features

  • 6" Screw Pad Truck Adapter. P/N 2654
  • Truck Adapter. 8" (P/N 0111) rise or 11" rise (P/N 2287).
  • Screw Pad. P/N 2656
  • Rubber Truck Adapter. 1/2" rise (P/N 2296) or 
    2" rise (P/N 2297).
  • Complete adapter assortment package. P/N 2249
  • Standard cast iron flip-up pad. P/N 000095
  • Standard safety arm locks.

Purchasing Information--OHA-7000

Purchasing Information--OHA-9000



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